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Focus Your Maintenance Efforts and Reduce Cost

Solar panel thermal imaging can save renewable energy providers time and money by ensuring the equipment’s optimum performance and durability.

Over time, solar panels can become less efficient and produce less electricity. Some defects can cause them to break down or even produce a reverse current, which might damage the entire solar plant. Thermal imaging can be used during normal operation to find faulty cells from a distance, which makes it easier to find and diagnose defects and carry out predictive maintenance.

Our reports are a fast and powerful cost-saving addition to any maintenance program. Whether you want to inspect solar panels to look for malfunctioning cells or check on wind turbines as part of a condition monitoring program, we can provide solutions that will give you actionable insights to help drive performance.

We use cutting edge imaging UAV systems, and pair them with premium quality reporting and customer service. Our ongoing collaborations ensure we are continuously improving our systems and raising the standard.

Solar Panel Thermography

The use of thermographic inspections for solar panel evaluation offers several advantages. Anomalies and hot spots can clearly be seen on a crisp, high-resolution thermal image during a solar panel inspection. Furthermore, unlike most other methods, thermal cameras can be used to scan installed solar panels during normal operation conditions to avoid interruptions.

Wind Power Thermography

All over the world, windmills are becoming increasingly popular for generating electricity. Entire wind parks are being installed both on land and offshore.

A wind turbine contains many mechanical and electrical components that can easily be checked with a thermal imaging camera. Comprehensive thermal imaging inspections as part of your overall wind turbine maintenance ensures that they will keep generating electricity for many years to come.

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