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Smart management of people flow allows you to keep your business safe and running, as well as giving you powerful insights about the behaviour of people within your premise. Whether you’re a retailer, Health and Safety Officer, or venue manager, you will benefit from the reduced uncertainty that comes with taking a proactive approach to people management.

Thermal Imaging Cameras for the Human Body

Thermal imaging cameras for the human body provide an innovative and cutting-edge addition to your existing health and safety programs. Non-contact elevated skin temperature screening, automatic occupancy limit management, and retail customer behaviour analytics are some of the solutions we can provide to help you stay operational and thriving.

Monitoring occupancy can help you learn more about the behaviour of your customers too. Find out what your busiest times are, and what is most effective at drawing in pedestrians.

We provide service-based solutions as well as consultancy, and we have distributor contacts to make sure you get the best available prices.

People Management Solutions for a Post-COVID World

Both elevated skin temperature monitoring and occupancy management solutions can help you keep your workspace safe. These technologies are already in use in many medical contexts, helping doctors across New Zealand keep their practice safe. As time goes on, these top-end technologies will become more widespread, and you can expect to see more thermal imaging tools being used in public spaces in the future.

Thermal imaging is ideal for temperature testing in a post-COVID world, as the cameras are able to take readings from a safe distance and display images which are easy to understand, helping limit the chances of active cases slipping into your workspace unnoticed. Please note however, that temperature detection is only one of the steps that help manage the spread of the virus—follow up tests will be needed in order to confirm a case.

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Improved Productivity

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